AKS Word Count
AKS Word Count, count words, characters and paragraphs.
Comparison Chart
Create informative and visually appealing comparative diagrams.
Balanced score card (BSC) support software.
Outlook Task
Create a set of tasks from the Outlook task folder.
PDF Index Assistant
Search in index of Adobe Acrobat PDF files. Index all PDF files.
Manage stand-by mode change, track energy saving when monitor is stand-by.
ComposeEssay creates template for compare and contrast essay.
Advanced PDF Manager
Unique combination of PDF search and conversion tool, the way to retrieve.
Allows you to create and execute tests based on image patterns.
Files Search Assistant
Files Search Assistant provides quick and efficient search within text documents.
Disk Search Assistant
Search for popular text files on local disks and across a network.
Clear records about recently opened files of various programs...
BackupChanges software is an automatic software for backup purposes.
Presentation Time Meter
Designed to track a presentation time.
AKS Desktop Cleaner
software designed to help clear their desktop from unnecessary files.
Compare Suite Light
Compare Suite can contrast files and folders in plain text format.
HTML Compare
Find changes in different versions of HTML pages and Web sites.
Productivity measure, analysis and benchmark software.